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Rapper IGGY AZALEA Wears Controversial CRADLE OF FILTH Shirt & Mainstream Press Are Pissed

Posted by on January 2, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is stirring up a controversy with the mainstream press after wearing that Cradle of Filth shirt.

You know, the one that has a nun on her knees and the back says "Jesus is a Cunt." If you've never seen the shirt, here it is:

On New Year's Eve, Azalea posted a photo where eagle-eyed viewers could tell what she was wearing, but to regular viewers and her fans, there is no way to tell what she is actually wearing:

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Naturally, tabloid outlets like Daily Mail picked up on the photo with the clickbaity headline "Iggy Azalea wears a SHOCKING blasphemous T-shirt featuring a topless nun performing a sex act – and you'll never guess what it says on the back"

Cradle of Filth shared the story this morning with the caption "Any publicity is good publicity, right? 😂" Our friends at Metal Hammer reached out to frontman Dani Filth, who seemed bemused by the situation and offered this (sarcastic) response:

“'I wasn’t at all surprised to see my mate Iggy in one of our shirts, as not only has she extremely good taste when it comes to Black Metal, but the Antipodean rapper and I have been preparing a 'phat as’ co-operation for some time now, we with me performing under my alternative monicker 'Filthy F**kin’ Fresh’.”

No word on if Azalea is actually a fan of the band, or just the shirt.

Cradle of Filth announced they will record a new album this fall, so here's some actual metal news in this story.

In the past, Filth has said wearing the band's obscene shirt in public "shows poor judgement."

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