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DEAFHEAVEN's Frontman Unveils His Top 10 Metal Albums Of All Time

Posted by on July 2, 2017 at 11:25 am

We've heard all about the top 10 metal albums of all time from Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Duplantier, Rob Halford, and Corey Taylor, and now we've got a list from someone who's a little more controversial in the metal world – Deafheaven frontman George Clarke.

Clarke's choices in his Rolling Stone article include Leviathan, Weakling, Burzum, and not quite as much classic metal as previous lists.

Iron MaidenPowerslave
LeviathanThe Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets
Morbid AngelGateways To Annihilation
PanteraFar Beyond Driven
SlayerHell Awaits
WeaklingDead As Dreams

So how'd he do?

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