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10 Black Metal Stage Name Origins

Posted by on February 26, 2013 at 3:10 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

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Following my post on the origins of 25 Heavy Metal Stage Names, I thought what better sub-genre to focus the next iteration of the column on than black metal? It is after all the genre where stage names are taken so seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these musician's mothers were given a pseudonym at some point.

Shroud in mystery, and the nature of their own seriousness, most black metal stage name origin stories are still kept secret. Although there are many more to dig through, I have compiled 10 for this year's Black Metal History Month. In this piece we will reveal the identities of members from bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Emperor, Burzum and more.


Birth Name: Sven Atle Kopperud

Dimmu Borgir has grown into one of the largest names in black metal, and despite many line up changes over the years, primary writer Silenoz remains to be one of two founding members left. Originally known by the stage name Erkekjetter Silenoz in the band's early days, he later shortened this to the widely known Silenoz. He once explained in an interview that his stage name is an alternative spelling of the Greek mythological character "Silenus", who was a tutor to the wine god, and possessed the power of prophecy while intoxicated.

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