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Best of 2012

Sean Gresens' Top 10 Albums of 2012

Posted by on December 12, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Fuck long-winded reviews. This isn't the place for it. This is a best-of list. Especially with the chaotic violence you'll find below, you'd probably get through five songs quicker than reading a shitty paragraph about them. However, I won't be a total dick and leave you out in the cold. You still get a sum-up gist of the good shits on my list… quick and dirty… just like the songs I love… in 140 characters or less.

10. Rise and Fall – Faith

Crusty D-beat you can shake your ass to. Unrelenting whirlwind of fists and boots in a sweaty basement. The soundtrack for brick wall punching.

9. Narrows – Painted

The closest thing to Botch in existence. Mixing ethereal intelligence with Hulk-smash abrasiveness. Hypnotic and throat-shreddingly lovely.

8. Hivesmasher – Gutter Choir

Holy fuck. No, dude, seriously. One hell of an abusive grind debut. Meticulous attention to violent detail. Ends the repetitive grind trend.

7. Burning Love – Rotten Thing to Say

I hope the Elvis nod is intentional, cuz this messy hardcore fuckin grooves. If you like your chaos sexy, look no further; neck punch swing.

6. Napalm Death – Utilitarian

Grindcore godfathers, pushing the grind-rules envelope while never compromising that heavy rage we've all grown to love. Don't ever quit me.

5. Every Time I Die – Ex-Lives

Finally, the Buffalo boys are back with just the right amount of sleaze and muscle. This is the album that should have followed 'Hot Damn'.

4. Gaza – No Absolutes in Human Suffering

SLC's resident harbingers of apocalyptic cacophony, delivering another slab of relentless punishment via your speakers. Simply delicious.

3. Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind

The one band that keeps getting better with age. Redefining pummeling destruction once again, the craftsmanship of this record is staggering.

2. Pig Destroyer – Book Burner

Grind brilliance in a return to the short song. JR's screams are what dreams are made of. Also, a handful of sick, old school hardcore covers.

1. The Chariot – One Wing

I can't believe I have to convince you again about these guys. They can do no wrong. Just perfect, passionate, chaotic violence… So eat it.

Non-Metal Honorable Mention

Title Fight – Floral Green

Jawbreaker meets Grade? I seriously needed this right now. Thank you kids for making me feel old. Don't stop doing what your doing.

The Menzingers – On the Impossible Path

Good old-fashioned triumphant melodic hardcore, surprisingly not from Minnesota or Gainesville. Simply restores my faith in the genre.