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13 Horror Films For Your Halloween Fix

Posted by on October 30, 2017 at 3:35 pm

What goes better with horror than heavy metal? It's the peanut butter to the jam, the pretzels to the beer, the bloated blood-spewing phallus to a Gwar concert.

Yes, horror and heavy metal are a match made in hell, so it is only natural for metal-heads to gravitate towards their spooky, blood-drenched flick of choice with Halloween on the horizon.

Here are 13 sinister and sickeningly good horror films to die for this Halloween!

The Exorcist

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There really is an argument to be made that this is THE horror film. Commercially, critically, legacy-wise, it's a f***ing masterpiece and is only ripening with age.

Since sending theatre-goers bailing for garbage bins to up-chuck on its initial 1973 release, The Exorcist has become a horror must-see. It's essential viewing of the highest order.

If you don't watch Linda Blair's Regan MacNeil crab walk down the stairs or stab herself southward with a crucifix this Halloween, then you may want to rejig your priorities.


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The art-house horror masterpiece to end all, Suspiria is the definition of a cult classic. It's gorgeously shot (Dario Argento is a genius) and atmospheric to the point of panic. The score by Italian prog legends Goblin is easily on the shortlist of creepiest in horror film history (I honestly almost pissed my pants in fear walking my dog to this, in broad f***ing daylight no less!)

Check it out before the American remake comes along and butchers its legacy.

The Witch

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A shortlist contender for the most memorable horror film of the decade, The Witch legitimately messed me up after viewing. It's blood-curdling, sleepless nights stuff. It will either bombard you with dread to the point of near claustrophobia or leave you dumbfounded and agitated by the sheer levels of mind-f***ery at play.

It's a divisive film, love or loathe,  but one of the most worthwhile horror watches in years. It stands out in a genre that is repetitive to the point of depressing parody. Watch it!

The Devil's Rejects

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What would a horror list for metal fans be without a little something from Rob Zombie? Granted, his particular brand of gore amplified to ear-popping levels isn't for everyone, and saying a metal fan will automatically enjoy Zombie's work is presumptuous, but The Devil's Rejects is a special guilty pleasure.

A revenge action shoot-em-up crossed with the shock value that made Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses a cult hit, Devil's Rejects is addictive on a ton of fronts. And Captain Spaulding is a damn legend. That alone is worthy of your time.

The Babadook

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Story-time can scare the living shit out of you, or at least it can if you're reading your youngster The Babadook.

This Australian sleeper-hit is numbingly terrifying in parts, deeply emotional and impactful in others. There's fantastic acting and a genuinely effective story at the heart of it all, which is a rare bonus.

Evil Dead 2

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Whether Evil Dead or its camp-amplified sequel, you honestly can't go wrong with either of these Sam Raimi classics.

My vote has always slightly drifted closer to the sequel, as it takes everything that made the original great and piles on the gore and satire with reckless abandon.

The Cabin in the Woods

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There's likely a good chunk of theatre goers that bitched and moaned and stomped out in a huff after sitting through Joss Whedon/Drew Goodard's The Cabin in the Woods. Some could have a legit beef – it's absolutely against the grain, flipping the straight slasher format on its head and is brazenly different than advertised.

For those of us who do appreciate the satire and jabs at tired horror motifs, this is a fun, at times hilarious, and bloody good time. Really curious on the opinion of the metal-masses on this one!

Train to Busan

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If you're sick to death of the oversaturation of the zombie genre, have had your fill of being force-fed The Walking Dead, then check out South Korea's Train to Busan. 

Legitimately tense, at times riotously funny and more action-packed then most blockbusters of 2017, this is the shot of credibility those slow-moving, dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers zombies of cinema have been waiting for.

The Loved Ones

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Back to Australia (a truly underrated hub of horror) and to the little-known gem The Loved Ones by first time director Sean Byrne. This is sick, twisted and deliciously demented stuff. There's enough cringe worthy moments to appease gore-hounds and an original flair that will pass the sniff test for horror buffs.

Note: There's a sickeningly sweet pop song you'll find yourself humming for days after watching this. You laugh now, but just you wait!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Never has low budget produced such ridiculously high results. This is, arguably, the real birth of the slasher genre. Bleak, shocking, and feverishly paced, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired an entire generation of horror that followed.

Many sequels and reboots have followed with varying degrees of success, but the original still stands up today. If you haven't seen this, shame on you. Mounds of shame.

The Devil's Candy

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The guy plays his electric guitar on blast before he kills in the name of Satan. What more do you want?

Great movie, better soundtrack (Slayer, Cavalera Conspiracy, Metallica, Pantera), Sean Byrne shows his debut dabble into the world of horror was no fluke. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

You're Next

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A steady-wave of home invasion thrillers and horror flicks have popped up over the decades – some good, some god-awful. There are few that accomplish what You're Next managed, combining scares, laughs and an added dose of adrenaline to mix.

Seriously, this movie is a ton of fun. There's an addictive 70s rock track that will stick in your brain for weeks, and the inventive kills are sure to impress (or sicken) even the most jaded of viewers.

Note: Director Adam Wingard is great. Please forgive him for Blair Witch and Death Note.


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Not much that needs to be said as to why you should check out John Carpenter's masterpiece this time of year. It's essential horror viewing and despite numerous watered down sequels, prequels and reboots, the original stands the test of time.

What are some horror films on your Halloween hit-list? Let us know in the comments below!

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