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At The Movies, Fuck Yes!

SLIPKNOT Fans Turn Movie Theater Into A Mosh Pit During Screening of Day of the Gusano

Posted by on September 7, 2017 at 1:24 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Last night, Slipknot held a one-night-only screening of their new documentary / live concert film, Day of the Gusano, highlighting their first time playing in Mexico. Movie theaters all across the country screened the film and at the LA showing at Ahrya Fine Arts by Laemmle, towards the end of the night, during the band's performance of "Spit It Out," some maggots just couldn't contain themselves in their seats and ran up to the front and started moshing.

Video footage of course quickly surfaced:


During "Jumpdafuckup," the crowd even squatted down, as is customary during a Slipknot show and all jumped up at the same time:

Movie mosh #slipknot #dayofthegusano

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Just call me Discount Corey Taylor. By now, a lot of you have probably seen the footage of the mosh that broke out during the LA screening of "Day of the Gusano" and I'm here to report that this was my doing! During the Spit it Out segment of the film, I stood up and channeled my inner-Corey, signalling for people to come up and get down on the fucking ground. To be completely honest, I didn't exactly expect a mosh to break out, but I can't say I'm displeased with the results or the energy of the audience. It was all in good fun and I'm honestly pretty proud of myself and of my fellow movie-goers for their responsiveness. Last night was one for the books, guys! @slipknot @coreytaylor @6cl6wn6 @vmanshreds @jayweinberg @josemangin

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After the screening was over, there was a Q & A session with Clown, DJ Sid Wilson, bassist Alessandro Venturella and drummer Jay Weinberg.

Slipknot's Day of the Gusano sees a home release on October 20. More info here.

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