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WARBEAST Vocalist Bruce Corbitt Says There's Hope After All, To Undergo Cancer Treatment Clinical Trial

Posted by on February 13, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in April 2017 and gracefully bowed out of the band to focus on battling the malignancy. In January 2018, Corbitt said his treatments were unsuccessful and things didn't look so great. At the time, Corbitt said in a series of posts that he'd be lucky to "make it another year," and "I won’t give up, but I've accepted there’s no chance." Not giving up has fortunately awarded Corbitt a chance at beating the disease, as he's now announced a second opinion from a doctor has opened the door to a clinical trial for treatment!

"Got my 2nd opinion… they found me a clinical trial that is perfect for my situation. So I’ve just signed it to go for it. It will be immunotherapy for starters. So there is hope for me after all."

For those of you unversed in oncology, immunotherapy is essentially a treatment where the drugs will attempt to turn your own immune system against certain types of cancer. Corbitt says in his video below that he's not sure the clinical trial will cure him 100%, but he hopes the treatment is effective enough to give him a longer life. We're really happy for Corbitt's good news today, and wish him all the best in his fight against cancer!

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