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Fuck Yes!, Haterade

ROB ZOMBIE Shuts Down BABYMETAL Haters In Epic Fashion

Posted by on May 10, 2016 at 11:45 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Anytime we post about Babymetal here on Metal Injection, we notice there are always metal elitists hating on the band, as if there isn't enough metal for them to enjoy without crapping on other people's tastes. Yes, people actually like the band, sincerely, and enjoy their music and enjoy exposing their younger relatives to an accessible form of heavy metal to hopefulyl convert them to fans.

One such fan is the legendary Rob Zombie. Zombie and Babymetal both played Carolina Rebellion this weekend, and the two forces met briefly backstage for a quick photo-op. Zombie posted the above photo on his personal Facebook page and had it when somebody posted a shitty comment. Zombie, who is known for taking down internet trolls with style, took a moment to address some haters, who eventually deleted their comments for fear of being owned. But not before some awesome people took some screenshots:

babymetal haters rob zombie

Never change, Rob!

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