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Fuck Yes!

LAMB OF GOD, GOD FORBID chart shockingly high, is America waking up?

Posted on March 4, 2009

Soundscan numbers are usually such a waste of time that we don't even bother to report them, but a glance at this week's Billboard shows a huge development. Crashing its way into the #2 position with 67,630 sold (between albums by TAYLOR SWIFT and THE JONAS BROTHERS) is LAMB OF GOD's Wrath. Yes, this is the Lamb of God you're thinking of, and no, they haven't gone soft.

There's more–GOD FORBID scored their best-ever chart position, #110 with 5,393 copies of Earthsblood sold. Take note, RIAA: Awesome, reliably heavy bands can storm the charts next to all those teenybopper acts, and neither Lamb of God nor God Forbid needed a huge push from radio, TV or any mainstream magazine to earn their fanbases. Touring, consistency and worth of mouth are just as effective as the millions of dollars labels put into media blitzes, and if good bands put out good records, people will buy them. Even if MTV and Rolling Stone don't tell us to.

Congratulations and thank you to both Lamb of God and God Forbid, and special thanks to everyone who stuck it to the industry by coughing up a few bucks last week. Pat yourself on the back by enjoying Lamb of God's new video for "Set to Fail" and a video of God Forbid recording Earthsblood, after the jump.

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