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Fuck Yes!

There Is NOT A New Season of Metalocalypse Coming, But There Is Still Hope! (Updated)

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 3:57 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

UPDATE 3/13/2015 3:57pm Eastern: Brendon Small has posted to Twitter that this was all a giant mistake on Adult Swim's part. Tweets at the bottom of the post.

While he's not influencing Nicki Minaj, Brendon Small has been hard at work on a new season of Metalocalypse.

Two years ago, when the Dethklok one-hour special aired, many feared that was the last of the show. At the time, Small promised "there is still more to come" and now he's making good on the promise.

MetalSucks noticed that the show will be back on April 29th on Adult Swim and the first trailer has just hit their website. Unfortunately, it's not embeddable, so you'll have to go to adultswim.com to watch it.

Our body is ready!

Update: Shortly after this story was published, Brendon took to Twitter to sadly say no new Dethklok is coming. He writes:

At this point, we asked what the trailer was for, and Brendon had no idea why they re-aired old footage…

But all hope is not lost…

Thanks for clearing that up for us Brendon!

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