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CURL UP AND DIE Are Coming Back!

Posted by on July 13, 2012 at 3:35 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

I am all about Curl Up and Die! They were quite amazing, but unfortunately broke up in 2005. I remember wearing a curlupanddie shirt to a family function and kept getting asked by distant family members if I was depressed or why I was being so confrontational? I had to explain that the message on my shirt was really of a band I appreciated. You have to admit, it's a great name for an metallic hardcore band.

Recently, with all the hoopla about the Revelation Records 25th anniversary shows, I got really excited over postings that listed the band as reforming for the shows.  But then, my buddy Rich Hall had to burst my bubble saying they were not going to be playing these shows. I believed Rich, because after all, the band named a song after him. I was bummed because I was so excited to finally get to see these guys. Well, turns out I can turn that frown upside down as the band released the following statement to Lambgoat about their reformation:

"We want to clear up the rumors – we're not playing the Revelation Records Anniversary show in NYC. We are getting back together though. We'll have a more formal announcement through Lambgoat soon."
That's pretty sweet. I really hope they play a NY show. If you're into metallic/post-hardcore, in the vein of bands like Converge and older Dillinger, I highly recommend peeping these dudes. Here are some of my favorite tracks:
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