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Weirder, Heavier DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Album Is Almost Done Being Recorded

Posted by on February 5, 2016 at 8:51 am

Dillinger Escape Plan has been on a pretty solid regimen of releasing a new album three years, and seeing as One Of Us Is The Killer was released in 2013, guess what! It's time.

Guitarist Ben Weinman sat down with VoidAu.com to discuss the new album, which is instrumentally complete and is just awaiting Greg Puciato's vocal magic!  Weinamn says really all that's left to do instrumentally is "additional bells and whistles," though he doesn't say if this is all just demo material right now or if it's all done up and professionally recorded.

He does add that the new album is heavy though!

It’s heavy man. I mean I don’t know, it’s super heavy, it’s definitely dark, but I think it’s actually weirder than maybe our last record. There’s like ideas and riffs that just are so weird, I have to say when I hear it I’m proud to say nobody sounds like Dillinger, really. We may be the worst band in the world, but when I listen to it, I really don’t think anybody would ever write a riff like this. And that’s I guess what I’m most proud of. And that’s what you gotta do, that’s what we try to be, you know? A band that stands out. I think one of my favourite things I’ve ever read or proudest moments was I was reading an interview with somebody – a music journalist who had asked his little cousin, who was like twelve, what bands he likes. He said ‘I don’t know, I just like songs, like on a playlist. I don’t even know the bands, I just like have a playlist and like a bunch of metalcore songs. I don’t even know who they are,’ and then he said, ‘oh no, but I like that band, Dillinger Escape Plan.’

To be the band in a playlist of nameless, kind of personality-less songs, to be the band he actually knew, that was different, you know… that had a sound, that when he heard it he was like, ‘oh I know who this is,’ I guess that’s all we ever wanted to be.

Weirder, darker, and heavier Dillinger Escape Plan is definitely something we all need in our lives this year.


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