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WATCHTOWER To Drop Its First New Release In 27 Years Later In 2016

Posted by on February 18, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Watchtower was a fantastic technical metal band that consisted of Ron Jarzombek (Blotted Science, Spastic Ink) on guitar, Doug Keyser on bass, vocalist Alan Tecchio, and Rick Colaluca on drums. The band was supposed to release an album called Mathematics in the early 1990s to follow up its previous two records, Energetic Disassembly in 1985 and Control and Resistance in 1989, but that never happened.

After years of silence, Watchtower gave us three new songs last year and said something was coming. Everyone got excited, time passed, nothing happened, and the Watchtower hype died down again.

Except for when I got a press release from Prosthetic saying the new EP, Concepts of Math: Book One, is coming out later this year. Then the hype was very real.

The release will consist of the three songs we've already heard, a song called "The Size Of Matter" that was released digitally in 2010, and a seemingly longer closer called "Mathematica Calculis."

We'll update you when we know anything else… but this EP needs to get here. Now.

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