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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival Is So Peaceful, They Don't Need Police Presence

Posted by on July 12, 2017 at 1:23 pm

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival has been taking place in Helsinki since 1998, and usually draws around 30,000 people per festival. The festival is absolutely loaded with beer and metal heads, and according to Finnish news reports, the cops weren't even needed this year… as usual.

According to Iltalehti, Inspector Arto Laitinen of the Helsinki Police Department says it was a good year due things being "quite boring." Excuse the semi-awful translation below, but you get the idea.

– I'd say that it has been in the police for quite a boring festival again this year, because there is no mention in our reports. The tradition continues. Good like this, Inspector Arto Laitinen Helsinki Police Department says.

According to Laitinen festival grounds or in the immediate vicinity did not take place on Friday, disturbances, or at least not in any order of interference, which should be specifically mentioned in the reports.

– The police has traditionally been the police in the sense of welcome festival, that there is no need little to intervene, says Laitinen.

Helsingin Uutiset shared a similar story, comparing the peacefulness of the metal community at the festival to the rather rowdy crowd at Kaisaniemi Park Blockfest, headlined by The Weeknd.

For comparison: the police had to intervene held in Kaisaniemi Park Blockfest-erikoiskeikkaan, when about a hundred young people tried to seek permission in. Police removed the young scene.

Superintendent Teemu Lappalainen Helsinki Police Department remembers the pain of been for many years a peaceful event. However, he is not the source It comes as no reason to speculate harmony.

– If all goes well, then people's good behavior needs to find a reason? If the situation should be the other way around, so then maybe the question should be thinking about.

According to Lappalainen, the weekend was otherwise quiet, although there was a lot around town. In addition to pain and Kaisaniemenkatu Blockfest held in sexual and gender minority Pride party.

This year's festival included performances by Sabaton, Mastodon, Devin Townsend Project, Suicidal Tendencies, Amorphis, Mayhem, Triptykon, Soilwork, and a ton more. So there you have it, folks – metal fans aren't all violent!

It's just that every social circle, regardless of interest, will always attract assholes in some regard that'll make the rest of everyone else look bad.

[via Shreddit]

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