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TOOL's Adam Jones Confirms Music For New Album Is Done, Lyrics Are Coming In

Posted by on January 20, 2018 at 5:03 pm

Rumors of the new Tool album are really heating up big time in 2018, huh? Drummer Danny Carey recently said the band would be hitting the studio very soon to wrap things up, and while he knows it's wishful think, he'd like for the album to be out in May. Carey also said the album would definitely be out in 2018, though the rest of the band hasn't said much.

Well, until now, when guitarist Adam Jones revealed via a live chat on Instagram (caught by MetalSucks) that the music is done and that lyrics are being written. Jones says the music is "done," but I think he might mean that it's done being written, or else why would the band be hitting the studio again?

There's a very real, legitimate chance that 2018 could really be the year that Tool puts out a new album. Jones has been pretty active on Instagram (with his wife even teasing the album) and a few days ago, live streamed a rehearsal session too.

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