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THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases Out Today – 2/5

Posted by on February 5, 2013 at 12:38 pm

January is the dogs days of new releases, metal or otherwise; presuming everyone is still hungover from the holiday spending frenzy – one doesn't typically gift something as taste-specific as an album – the labels tend to withhold their better product until closer to touring season, which usually kicks into high gear around February/March.

Well, bitches, it's February, so all that time you spent zoning out and not keeping up with shit is over and done with. If you've been taking a breather from new music over the past month or two you are officially missing out at this point. See for instance…

Alpha Tiger – Beneath the Surface

Genre: Power Metal

Origin: Germany

Label: Century Media

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Alpha Tiger have a fairly unique spin on traditional power metal, primarily due to Stephan "Heiko" Dietrich's distinctive vocals, sort of a mix of John Arch-era Fates Warning and the prog-via-metalcore stylings of Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez… which sounds fucking horrible on paper, but in practice is a pretty functional tempering of the over the top vocal histrionics that make Coheed a tough sell for me.

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Ancient VVisdom – Deathlike

Genre: Occult Rock

Origin: Texas, USA

Label: Prosthetic

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Hey, just because they were an early pioneer of this Occult Rock shit via 2011's A Godlike Wisdom doesn't mean every album's gotta be about innovation innovation innovation. Deathlike picks up exactly where the debut left off, ie. as if Days of the New developed some talent and started worshipping Satan.

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Audrey Horne – Youngblood

Genre: Hard Rock/Blues Rock

Origin: Norway

Label: Napalm

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Ah, now, I'm admittedly pretty piss ignorant about this band, but I'm being told that Youngblood is a pretty radical shift for these Norwegians. Beginning life as a pretty standard alt-metal/post-grunge hybrid (already a stale concept by the time of their 2005 debut, No hay banda) here they've morphed into a blues-inspired, NWOBHM-era trad metal group… a sound that will no doubt get them lumped in with other 70's worshipping acts like Witchcraft and Graveyard even though they sound nothing like them. This is pretty much straight ahead, radio accessible hard rock like a cross between UFO and early Def Leppard. Sometimes reinvention pays off (and I don't mean Slang).

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Funeral for a Friend – Conduit

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore

Origin: Wales

Label: The End

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Frankly, a lot of the songs on Conduit sound unfinished: it's not so much that the structure or pacing dictates that every song should be in the 2-3 minute range, it feels more like the band didn't properly flesh out their material before heading into the studio. It's not a fatal flaw necessarily, but it does leave one wanting a bit more than the barebones 29 minutes we get here.

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Primitive Man – Scorn

Genre: Doom/Sludge

Origin: Colorado, USA

Label: Throatruiner/Mordgrimm

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Easily the best doom debut so far in 2013, Denver's Primitive Man ply that sludge hybrid… because there's just not enough visceral hate in the standard doom metal template. Distributed by Throatruiner in Europe and Mordgrimm in the UK, customers from the US and elsewhere currently only have the option of ordering through Bandcamp or Big Cartel, which regretfully may hurt the band's chances of achieving the claim they deserve, but if you consider yourself a doom fan you really can't afford to sleep on this one.

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Vex – Memorious

Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Blackened Death

Origin: Texas, USA

Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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Talk about another album that's kind of a pain to track down, as near as I can tell you can only get Vex's challenging new record, Memorious, directly via the record label's mail order site… that's right, no digital downloads, just old school snail mail pre-orders. That's gonna annoy a lot of people, particularly those who downloaded the band's 2010 debut, Thanatopsis, directly from iTunes… where this highly rated sophomore album decidedly isn't. Check out Atanamar's review hereUPDATE: The band has informed us the album can be downloaded at Bandcamp.

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