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TERROR Is Writing A New Record, Doesn't Have A Label

Posted by on January 5, 2016 at 4:33 pm

Terror has been around since 2002 and currently has seven records under its belt. It's pretty safe to say the band has had a pretty solid career thus far, and now things are going to get interesting! The band has neither resigned with Century Media, nor does it seem interested in signing with anyone else at the moment.

Amid a longer reflection posted to Terror's Facebook page, vocalist Scott Vogel had this to say about the situation.

Nick had also mentioned to me today he already wrote a few new songs that he thinks I'm going to love. This for sure gets me siked. Terror has now finally fulfilled all contracts with all record labels and the future is wide open for us. We signed a 4 record " deal " with Century Media I don't know – 9 years ago or something like that, but we have delivered them all the records( CM licensed the last two to Victory in the USA ) and now we are free of all contracts. This is super exciting for us and opens up a lot of different options and ideas. Anyways – tonight is New Year's Eve. I hope everyone has some safe fun and takes some time to think about all the good in their lives , and maybe let go of some of the hate and stress most of us feel weighing us down. Life has a lot of bullshit it wants us to buy into. Music has a lot of nonsense we get caught up in , but there is also so much cool shit to do and explore in this beautiful world. Best wishes to everyone reading this and I'm hoping for a great 2016 for all of us.

Terror has over 473,000 Facebook fans, which makes it safe to say that if the group went the route of crowd funding for the next record, they'll be alright. So we'll see! Maybe they'll get a great offer and go with it?

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