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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Reveal Info for B-Sides and Rarities Vinyl Box Set

Posted by on March 28, 2013 at 12:41 pm

So remember that box set I was talking about last week? It got even more kickass than it was before.

So Strapping Young Lad are coming out with that a vinyl box set that convers their entire discography that includes the aforementioned vinyl full of all kinds of cool stuff. When the box set was announced, there was a seventh vinyl in there, which confused people capable of math seeing as there's only six Strapping Young Lad albums. The group putting out the vinyl collection, Blood Music, said "it contains virtually every SYL bonus track that ever existed, remastered for vinyl." Sick! Here's the tracklist for the cool stuff-

01. “Japan“
02. “Monday“
03. “Exciter“
04. “Centipede“
05. “Home Nucleonics” (’96 demo)
06. “Headrhoid” (Gunt demo)
07. “Detox” (’96 demo)
08. “AAA” (’96 demo)
09. “The Long Pig“
10. “Zodiac“

I've never heard any of these, so I can't really get all excited that I get to own them. However, I am pretty damn pumped that it's SYL that I've never heard before. Bring on the heavies!

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