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SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor Couldn't Care Less About Winning A Grammy

Posted by on January 25, 2016 at 1:16 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

This is the year the Grammys finally took their nomination process for the metal category seriously, they even told us so themselves. But one person who couldn't give a shit about all that is Corey Taylor.

Taylor sounded off on the Grammys in a new interview with Finland's Radio Rock. When asked what a Grammy win would mean to him, Taylor rebutted:

"Shit. I'm totally honest. I know a lot of people who, they put a lot of stock in it, but I keep telling 'em… I mean, we've been nominated now, like… God knows how many times. It's been over ten times. We won once… Cool. It's a popularity contest; that's all it is. If it weren't, if it were just about the music, you would see more metal bands — not including us — nominated in other categories, like 'Album Of The Year' [and] all of these different categories, and you just don't. So it's all a goddamn popularity contest, and I don't have fucking time for that shit, to be honest."

He continued: "It's, like, everybody, they live and breathe by whether or not they're gonna get this tiny statue, and it's, like, why? So it can sit on a goddamned shelf and collect dust. To me, the real reflection of where you're at is [performing live], and that's all it is. Walking on that stage and seeing a massive audience lose their minds — that's what it's all about. You can take those statuettes all day long; I don't care. It's cool to win, but I'm not gonna fucking die if we don't win a Grammy, you know."

I guess it's safe to assume Taylor won't be attending the ceremony. There was speculation that the band might perform at the big awards show, seeing as Slipknot is also nominated for Best Rock Album, but my guess is if that was happening Taylor wouldn't be so loose-lipped. Looking back at photos of Slipknot at the Grammys, Taylor has never attended the event in person.

In related news, the Grammys released this infographic on the nominees for the Best Metal / Hard Rock performance:

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