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Season Of Mist's Marseille Office Got Robbed

Posted by on April 10, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Season of Mist got robbed, and while nothing of great value got stolen, label head Michael Berberian is pissed right the hell off.


Pissed right the hell off and justifiably so! Even without all the extraneous problems he encountered while trying to resolve the issue, the fact of the matter is that somewhere he feels safe and does his work at has been violated by some (or multiple) scumbags. I can't imagine that feeling, but my heart goes out to Berberian and anyone else that works at the office. Then there's the whole "the cops were doing other stuff thing," which I get to a certain degree; the cops can't come running to every single issue that every single person calls about. But no cops could come at all? For two hours? What the hell got robbed before Seasons of Mist that took two hours and the entirety of the police force to handle? Sick. It's not like if they would've responded immediately they just might have caught some dudes fleeing on foot or in a vehicle. Oh wait, that's right; that's exactly how stuff works. Now Berberian's got a destroyed office, no laptop, no camera, and whatever else "that kind of stuff" is. I genuinely hope the asshole(s) who did this get caught, fined, and have a most unpleasant stay in prison. Oh, and I hope Berberian's dad is alright, since that sucks what happened to him too.

Hey, too bad this didn't take place in Manchester. Then it would have probably been a hate crime.

[thanks MetalSucks]

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