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The Rumored New Female Nameless Ghoul For GHOST Is…

Posted by on September 19, 2016 at 12:42 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Ghost is not the type of band who announce lineup changes, so it leaves us guessing. For example, last year Ghost replaced their drummer and nobody really talked about it, because there was no official announcement. In fact, in terms of confirmed members, all we know for certain is who the vocalist is.

This weekend, as Ghost kicked off their Popestar tour, fans began to notice that the bassist of the band seemed to be a woman. This would be Ghost's first female member. The rumor going around is that the bassist is either former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult, or Linnéa Olsson, former guitarist for The Oath. MetalSucks has created this handy comparison:

And here is the footage in question:

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Update: Shortly after posting this, a fan on Facebook shared a photo a fan took during a signing, confirming the female ghoul. Also, note the tattoo on her right middle finger.

Female nameless ghoul

Personally, our money is on Sean, as she has been a friend of the band's for years. Here's a photo from not too long ago of Sean (seen up front) partying with Papa Emeritus (center, without a shirt), Danzig, Phil Anselmo and Tommy Victor of Prong…


Ultimately, the identity of the ghoul doesn't matter as long as Ghost kick ass. But that's why Ghost is so fun. They are one of the few bands that keep a mystique, so stuff like this does become news. Check out our interview with one of the nameless ghouls from last year below and definitely check out their amazing new music video for "Square Hammer."

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