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SLIPKNOT Truthers Claim The Band Is Swapping Live Members Without Telling Us

Posted by on April 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

9/11… Benghazi… Chem trails… Slipknot.

Yes, the 9-piece metal band is the latest to be surrounded in a conspiracy. Namely, is Slipknot switching around live members without telling us. That's what Slipknot truthers believe, according to our friends at Rock Feed. The conspiracy goes that it's hard enough to get four band members in the same place, but nine? Some people will have commitments, so the idea is that the band switches up it's less recognizable members (like the DJ, or…guitarist Jim Root?) and doesn't tell fans.

There are even crazy images like the ones above which show Root out of mask with no hand tattoos and in mask with hand tattoos. The conspiracy was born on Mosh Couture, who claims they spoke to an anonymous source who used to play live with the band but isn't anybody famous, who claims that the band does this constantly and even had Skrillex join them once:

 He commented that “it’s hard for 9 people to find time for touring, so they have a whole team of replacements for the band, that they can pick from. The only one that literally never has been replaced is Corey, because… vocals.”
“… they have all been picked with focus on playing the songs right, but also so they fit the body size of the real members. Having brown hair, being quite tall, but kinda average weight, I’ve always been Jim (guitar).”

The anonymous member adds that “One time we even had Skrillex as Sid (The DJ) for about 2 weeks of touring, and I was stand in for Jim. We also had Frost (Satyricon, Gorgoroth, and more…) for a whole euro-tour once, but I unfortunately didn’t play on that tour.”

Update: Corey Taylor has commented on the situation with one emoji:

This sounds so silly to me, but if you're one to enjoy conspiracy theories, here's a video further explaining this "controversy"

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  • James M. Peterson

    BOI U FROM GEORGIA. That was my first Meshuggah show. But like……. LMAO 70%???? As long as the polyrhythmic gut punching chaos is there you're getting your moneys worth. Quit your bitching.

  • James M. Peterson

    Did you not fucking pay attention when Marten directly addressed the fans ffs