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Is The New England Metal & Hardcore Fest Happening This Year?

Posted by on January 8, 2016 at 10:49 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

For seventeen consecutive years, the New England Metal and Hardcore festival was a Spring tradition. But that Spring tradition is in danger of being over.

Lambgoat began to speculate the festival might not be happening this year, because by this time we at least have dates and a headliner announced. For last year's fest, the dates were announced the prior November, with the first round of bands announced in December. Right now, no such announcements have been made.

Lambgoat also points out, and we can confirm, that Scott Lee, the founder of the festival, is no longer involved. He had relocated to Oregon after last year's festivities. But does that mean the fest is not happening?

We have contacted a few sources involved with the event and we are told there is still a chance the fest might happen, as dates have been put aside with Lambgoat mentioning the weekend of April 22nd. A headliner may be locked in as well at this point, but without Lee spearheading the event, things are likely not moving at the pace they usually do.

While I haven't been able to attend the festival in recent years, it's become sort of an institution at the Worcester Palladium and it'd be really sad to see it go.

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