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Is NINE INCH NAILS Dropping Some New Music Next Week?

Posted by on July 7, 2017 at 1:28 pm

Back in June, Trent Reznor revealed that Nine Inch Nails's EP Not The Actual Events was the first of a trilogy of EP releases. He said new music would come out before the band's first summer show on July 23 at FYF Fest, and considering it's July 7 now, we're pretty quickly approaching that date.

Now Reznor has taken to Twitter to post this mysterious message. Well, mysterious if you didn't have the above information.

Reznor never, ever tweets, and when he does, he's usually addressing some sort of information floating around about Nine Inch Nails. Plus in his original message about the trilogy, he said the releases would come 6 to 8 months apart. Not The Actual Events was released on December 22, so you do the math.

It seems safe to assume that there's something coming between July 10 and July 14!

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