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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Post Clip Of Elton John's Guest Spot

Posted by on April 18, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Queens of the Stone Age are releasing their new album …Like Clockwork pretty soon, and they wanted to give you a glimpse of what Elton John's been up to on the record!

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So a few weeks back we started reporting on the fact that Elton John was going to be on the new Queens of the Stone Age record.

We saw a single come and go, and still no signs of Sir John anywhere… until right now, anyway.

I'd say I'm shocked at how good he sounds, but I'm really not; he's Elton friggin' John. Of course he's going to sound like Jesus and Fergie combined. I'm pretty hopeful that the band will bring him in on some of the more driving stuff and not just leave him on the soft, acoustic jams. Not that that'd be a bad thing, but Elton John on a rocking Queens track would just be phenomenal.

Queens frontman Josh Homme recently talked to XFM about how the collaboration came about, and the story is great:

“He was in a car listening to Them Crooked Vultures and his assistant said: you need to hear Queens. The guy driving the car was an old room-mate of mine! So all of a sudden I get a phone call at my house on a Sunday. I picked up and he said: [does the voice] ‘Hello Josh, this is Elton’. I thought someone was messing with me.

He said, ‘The only thing missing from your band is an actual queen!’ I said, Honey, you have no idea.

When he walked in, he said, do you have a ballad for me or what? I said no. We tracked lived for three hours, playing a rock and roll song. We just had a blast, he became part of our band. What really dawned on me what a music lover, what a workaholic he is.

The session had gotten really dark. When he left, we were on cloud nine. We got fired into the abyss of doing something we really loved again.”

Now if the band would just release the rest of those guest spots

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