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Phew! ARSIS not breaking up; James Malone apologizes

Posted on March 19, 2009 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

James Malone of ArsisLast week, we speculated if ARSIS was breaking up after drummer David Kinkade issued an update stating the band dropped off their second tour and he was available for "session/possible long-term drum work" but James Malone (pictured) has come out of the woodwork to issue the following statement:

"I owe more than a few people an apology at this time.

"Over the past few months, ARSIS has had to drop off two tours and the fault lies on my shoulders. Those who know me know that moderation is a concept that I am not familiar with. Ever since my late teens, I have moved from one self-destructive behavior to another and it has finally taken its toll on my body and mind. I seem to take everything I do to an unhealthy extreme. This leads us to the reason for dropping off tours with both THE FACELESS and CARCASS.

"Without going into too many details, let's just say that there is no healthy way lose 100 pounds in four months, as I did late last year. To say that I have been dealing with some issues would be an understatement. These issues have not only affected the basic functions of my body, but also my mood and ability to make rational decisions. Fortunately, I have many supportive people in my life and I have been taking strides to get things back under control. I have been making my best effort as of late and I feel stronger everyday. I think I will come out this a wiser person and be able to run my life better than ever.

"Look for ARSIS to be back on the road soon with a possible headliner to make up for lost time. My apologies to our booking agent, our record label, our fans, and anyone who has been effected by my poor decisions."

Interesting. Well, I hope whatever is going on is soon resolved and the band can get back to shredding on the road!

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