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OPETH Appears To Have Something Big Planned For Radio City Music Hall

Posted by on January 28, 2016 at 11:15 am

Last year, Opeth teased a bunch of locations for the Ghost Reveries shows with images of the cities and its logo. Now it's 2016 and… well, we've got another one of those pictures.

As you can see above and on Facebook), the photo is of a stage and I'm willing to bet it's more than likely teasing a show. We've also deduced that the location is Radio City Music Hall, which definitely has enough room for a band and maybe say, a small orchestra?

My only other guess for this show that would make any sense is that the band is taking out Morningrise to be played in full, seeing as it turns 20 this year. So who knows? Opeth likes to keep things nice and mysterious and that's probably going to be how this one will go until the last possible minute.

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