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MISERY INDEX Is Working On A New Album, Possibly For 2017

Posted by on November 21, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Misery Index's 2010 album Heirs To Thievery and 2014 album The Killing Gods were by far the best two albums of Misery Index's 15+ year career. You'll also notice that Misery Index is fairly slow to put a new album, which is why it's so damn exciting that there's going to be a new one in 2017! Well, maybe 2017 – they're working on it.

According to guitarist and vocalist Mark Kloeppel in an interview with Empire Extreme, Misery Index is working on some new riffs currently and will be hunkering down in 2017 to try and write a new album. Kloeppel adds that everyone in the band is working individually as of right now, and they'll all come together as a collective to knock out the final writing stages before the studio.

We are going to write, write, write, and then record, record, record. We also have some cool stuff that will be a part of the recording process. We are going to have some cool dudes involved in the process. We are getting some people that we have been wanting to work with for a long time to help us out.

Maybe the band's current tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and Napalm Death has inspired some new, likely ridiculously fast death metal?

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  • galtenberg

    Killing Gods was one of the decade's best.

  • Napalm Deaf

    Finally some good metal news! Dying Fetus gotta be almost ready to release their new one too!

  • Clinton

    Great news!

  • Moku

    Well, this alone will make 2017 a good year for me. Absolutely *loved* Heirs to Thievery and enjoyed The Killing Gods as well. Hopefully they make some great music that stands up to those two albums.

  • Alferd Packer

    AWESOME!!! One of the most underrated bands in metal!

  • Pavel Astanin

    Can't wait!