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Warning: Your Festival Wristband Cultivates Some Seriously Disgusting Bacteria

Posted by on July 26, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Whatever music festivals you attend, it's likely you're either there for quite a long time on one day, or there multiple days. It's also quite likely you've got the same wristband attached to you the whole time, and it pretty much becomes a part of you. Maybe you want to wear it to work tomorrow to talk to people about the festival, or show your friends, or whatever the case might be… but please. Don't do that.

According to microbiologist Dr. Allison Cottell, by way of Consequence of Sound, those things are righteously fucking gross.

"She [Dr. Cottell] studied a person that wore two fabric festival wristbands for two years, and found nearly 9,000 micrococci and 2,000 staphylococci bacteria on them. That’s more than twenty times the bacteria found on your clothes…”

Okay, sure. You're not going to wear it for two years, but even a sixteenth of that time period is still more than the amount of bacteria you'll find on clothes. So just buy a shirt or take pictures on your phone like a normal person or something.

Also, who the hell is wearing their wristband for two years?

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