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Metal Science

These Cases Could Prevent People From Using Their Phones At Shows

Posted by on July 8, 2016 at 2:28 pm

Last week we reported on Apple's potentially new technology that could prevent people from photographing and filming a live show by way of how the camera works, and this week we've got a whole different solution.

Enter a new company called Yondr, which produces essentially indestructible bags that your phone goes into. According to Digital Music News, once you step into the "Phone Free" zone, the bags lock and you can't access your phone. Then once you step outside that zone, the phone unlocks. The technology has been tried by performing artists such as Louis C.K. and The Lumineers with success, so maybe this will catch on?

I think it's a great idea, because I didn't pay $20 to watch a band I really want to see through the screen of your cell phone so you can tell everyone how awesome the show was the next day. The only real downsides I could see about Yondr if if someone had a family emergency and they just weren't aware due to the bag, or if there were some security issue and people couldn't get to the phone free zone. I hate that the latter is even a consideration, but that's just the world we live in.

[via MetalSucks]