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Survey Suggests People Over 30 Years Old Stop Discovering New Music

Posted by on June 10, 2018 at 12:46 pm

You've probably heard tons of adults in your lifetime talking about how the music of their youth is just so much better than whatever is out today. Maybe it is or maybe it's just because they stopped trying to discover new music that they might like. According to a survey by Deezer, most people stop doing exactly that by age 30 (and six months).

The survey asked 1,000 Brits and discovered not only that, but also that 24 years old is the peak of you discovering new music to enjoy. The survey reveals that adults over 30 years old stop looking for new music due to having kids or because there's just too much music out there. The 1,000 surveyed also revealed that 60% of them felt like they were always listening to the same artists and 25% of 'em didn't want to hear stuff outside their preferred genre.

This also gives 30-year-olds carte blanche to be crotchety-ass old people and start yelling at kids for their musical tastes.

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