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MEGADETH too cool to share golf cart with KATAKLYSM

Posted on July 26, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

What would we bloggers write about if not for Dave Mustaine? The latest story, features a Facebook posting from the members of Kataklysm about an incident that went down at the Heavy Mtl festival in Montreal this past weekend:

Ok, so obviously it was Dave Mustaine. Come on. Do you really see Dave Ellefson or Chris Broderick doing that? Didn't think so. So fantastic. The post has since been taken down from Kataklysm's Facebook page, but those sleuths at MetalSucks thanfully got the above screenshot before the fact.

I love it! Dave Mustaine is my favorite metal personality. I will never forget that time he walked away from our interview, possibly the greatest moment in the history of Metal Injection.

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