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LAMB OF GOD Frontman & TESTAMENT Guitarist Team Up To Launch Magazine

Posted by on March 31, 2016 at 1:48 pm

Lamb Of God frontman Randall Blythe, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnik, and Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative Design (not a band), have all teamed up to craft a new lifestyle and culture magazine called Unbuilt. The magazine's very first issue is out on April 26 and will run you $9 when you order it from the magazine's website. It's worth noting that $1 of that total is split between the Humane Society International and the International Committee Of The Red Cross, which is added awesome!

Here's what Issue 01 is about.

Issue 01 features interviews with activist artist Sue Coe, documentary/video director Tom Berninger, author and veteran Kevin Powers, Broadway pit musicians Jake Schwartz & Mat Fieldes, architect Maddy Samaddar, and Reiner Design, the artists behind the packaging for Metallica’s …And Justice For All and Metallica (a.k.a. the “Black Album”). Further, Blythe offers up exclusives like a photographic essay on surfing culture as well as an original short story written and photographed during a trip to the Cayman Islands. Additionally, UNBUILT’s “Exhibition Space” centerfold spread will spotlight a different artist in each issue with Pittsburgh’s Mike Egan gracing the inaugural edition.

According to the site, the publication is bi-annual. So don't wait with bated breath for news about the next issue.

This is a photo I took in Keramas, Bali for the cover of issue #1 of @unbuiltmag, a limited edition bi-annual culture & lifestyle print magazine that I am an editor of, along with my friends the graphic designer Tom Bejgrowicz & @alexskolnick of Testament fame. UNBUILT is ad-free, self-published, & distributed via the Man Alive Created web store (order at WWW.MANALIVECREATIVE.BIGCARTEL.COM) UNBUILT will be offset printed using a Heidelberg Speedmaster on 32 pages of 80 lb. Soporset Premium Opaque Text paper- we wanted to produce a magazine with some intellectual & artistic substance, so it can't be some crappy throw away newsprint- the magazine is a physical work of art in of itself. Issue #1 has interviews with my friend Kevin Powers, veteran & author of The Yellow Birds, activist/artist Sue Coe, documentary/video director Tom Berninger, architect Maddy Samaddar, Broadway Pit musicians Jake Schwartz & Mat Fieldes, Reiner Design (the artists behind Metallica's "And Justice" album), as well as a surfing culture photographic essay & a short story I did- I'm stoked to see my photos PRINTED, not on a tiny screen, & these won't be seen anywhere else. I also love getting some more writing out there! You can pre-order by going to our Instagram page @unbuiltmag & clicking on the link in the bio. Please give us a follow there, too! Some outtake photos I took for my articles will posted there, nowhere else. $1 from each sale will be contributed to Humane Society International & The Red Cross. Issue #1 ships worldwide April 26 2016. Enjoy! Feel free to re-post. #unbuiltmagazine #qualityprintingwritingandphotos #rejectdisposablethoughtandculture #skolnick#bejgrowicz #blythe #qualityoverquantity

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