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LAMB OF GOD Frontman Randy Blythe's First Interview Since Being Detained In The Czech Republic

Posted by on July 17, 2012 at 11:51 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

To say that Randy Blythe will never forget the events of the summer of 2012 is a severe understatement. The Lamb of God frontman has been locked in a Czech prison for over three weeks on suspicion of manslaughter stemming from a 2010 concert, where he allegedly pushed a fan, which lead to some head injuries for the fan and the fan's eventual death. Blythe is being held while the Czech government investigates, and we've heard from a lot of people on the matter, including the band as a whole, the band's manager and even Randy's wife, but we have yet to hear how Randy feels. That all changes today.

Blythe gave an interview to Czech tabloid Blesk.cz, shedding some light on how he's been the last few weeks. Since the interview was printed in Czech, here is a rough translation:

Blesk.cz: What is your recollection of the incident that happened at club Abaton in Prague during Lamb of God's concert in May 2010?

Randy: "I don't know anything about any sort of incident. I remember very few details about the show, mainly because I have played a lot of concerts. I just remember that the stage at the club was very small, and we barely managed to fit our equipment on there. Also, apparently there was a security guard there because many people climbed onto the stage — including one small boy, in particular, but I could be mixing up details with what happened at other clubs. Since I don't wear my glasses while performing, I see little more than blurry outlines. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with anyone from the audience was if I was protecting myself from [people bumping into me when climbing on the stage]."

Blesk.cz: How are you spending time in custody and with your fellow inmates?

Randy: "I read, I write letters to friends, family, and I also keep a diary. I get along very well with [my Mongol cellmate], and I am even trying to learn a bit of Mongolian. I'm starting to write a book about my time in the Pankrác prison and come up with lyrical ideas."

Blesk.cz: Do you have reservations about cooperating with the Czech police and getting justice in your case?

Randy: "As far as the police is concerned, I believe that they have acted very professionally and followed the principles of good conduct. But in terms of justice, I honestly do not know what to expect because it is different than the U.S. I thought that if I made bail, I would be released."

Blesk.cz: On Wednesday (July 11), you received a visit from your wife. Are you getting a lot of support from your family and your fans?

Randy: "My meeting with my gorgeous wife was beautiful and encouraging. I have received messages and support from family, my friends and my bandmates, who all missing me, and I cannot wait to see them all."

Blesk.cz: You have made bail, and it appears that you will soon be released from prison. What are your future plans?

Randy: "If I go back to the U.S., I will mow the lawn, spend some time with family and plunge right back into performing, so that I can pay for my legal fees. I have to help my friends earn some money so that we can live decently. If I had to stay in the Czech Republic, I would look at the sights, especially in Prague. I would follow Kafka's footprints and I would eat dumplings."

You have to admire how seemingly calm Blythe is, allowing the Czech justice system to work itself out. He's clearly making the most of the situation, making friends in lock up, and doing a ton of writing. I speculated before that if there was a bright spot in all of this, it's that Blythe surely will get inspiration to write some killer lyrics, and it looks like he's gone beyond that, working on a book, even.

Hopefully, this all gets sorted out on Thursday, when his next bail hearing is set. For now, you can read all of our past coverage of the Randy Blythe case here.

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