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Kerry King Has No Interest In Ever Changing Up SLAYER's Sound

Posted by on August 4, 2017 at 2:06 pm

Slayer may or may not release a new album in 2018, and you can expect pretty much what you've always expected from Slayer. In a interview with Westword, guitarist Kerry King says he really has zero interest in making the new record sound any different than what Slayer has always done in the past.

The songs King wrote during his bandmate's illness and after his death and one song by Hanneman make up the act's 2015 album, Repentless, a weighty effort that reinforces Slayer's reputation as producers of music full of rage, violence and speed. It doesn't push the band into new territory, something King says he has zero interest in doing.

"I like AC/DC for being AC/DC. I like Judas Priest for being Judas Priest. I think people like Slayer because we sound like Slayer, and they don't want us to do anything else," King says. "As far as maturing, going different directions, I have no desire."

If it ain't broke, right? Slayer's at the point in its career, and has been at that point for quite some time, to where a new album isn't even needed. If Slayer just toured and played all the old stuff forever, they'd draw crowds everywhere they went. It'd probably get boring for the band, but being a legacy act is clearly nothing to be ashamed of.

On the flip side, King also says if Slayer ended, he'd "be in a band that sounds just like Slayer, because that's all I know how to make up." So basically just expect Slayer music to come out, under the Slayer name or not, until King dies from head banging too hard and suffering a fatal skull fracture from his goatee.

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