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ZUD Are Masters Of Blackened Classic Rock

Posted by on August 1, 2013 at 4:20 pm

No sub-genre of heavy metal has gone through as many permutations as black metal. Throughout it's decades long history, black metal has evolved from a catch-all label for any band that dealt with Satanism to a clearly defined subculture with an almost fascistic adherence to its aesthetic and thematic components. These days, black metal bands that strictly adhere to old school principals still exist, but the sub-genre as a whole is getting broader as more and more bands interpolate aspects of other genres into black metal's basic blue print.

Portland, Maine's Zud is the latest band to push the boundaries of black metal. But instead of melding the style with shoegaze or crust punk like a lot of bands are currently doing, Zud fuses the sound of early Mayhem and Bathory with bluesy classic rock. Check out the track "Blood and Twilight" below. It's definitely unique and a little bizarre.

Zud's self-released debut LP, The Good, the Bad, and The Damned, is available now. You can order the CD directly from the band through their website, but act quickly if you like what you hear because their are only 333 hand numbered copies available.

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