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French Venue Le Bataclan To Reopen For Shows This Winter

Posted by on April 14, 2016 at 11:14 am

Le Bataclan has been around since 1865 and has been a fairly well-known establishment in Paris, France. Unfortunately the venue had another notch added to its historical belt with the Eagles of Death Metal shootings in November 2015, though in February 2016 the venue took to Facebook to announce that it would try to have shows again this year.

Now the venue has once again taken to social media to make the following announcement, saying there are shows that will be happening in November and December! Bear with the iffy Facebook translation.

The work of renovation of the bataclan have started. They consist of the rehabilitation of all the infrastructure and facilities of the room without, however, change the layout of this one. We're going to try to preserve its warmth and friendliness. We want to maintain the spirit popular and festive who has always been hers.

The exact date of reopening is not set to this day. However, we are pleased to announce today the names of some artists who will be part of our programming.
– Pete Doherty on 16 November 2016
– Youssou N'dour and the super star of dakar on 18 November 2016
– Nada Surf on 2 December 2016
– Mz On 3 December 2016

Other concerts and performances will of course be announced in the next few days.

All the information on the tickets are available on our websitewww.bataclan.fr. And in this particular day, we cannot, of course, miss having a thought for all the victims of 13 November and their families.

The team of the bataclan

More news as we hear of it, but this is awesome.