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Footage of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Final Show & Some Thoughts

Posted by on December 30, 2017 at 12:25 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Photo by @steveoshoots

As The Dillinger Escape Plan played the final notes of (in my opinion) their signature song, "43% Burnt," I started noticing something. My eyes were swelling. There was something trickling down my cheek – it was a tear! I was getting emotional. This was supposedly the last time I would be seeing The Dillinger Escape Plan perform that particular song – a song I've probably seen them perform (not exaggerating) at least fifty times. I would likely never hear it performed again. It was gone, and that feeling started to sink in.

The Dillinger Escape Plan existed for exactly twenty years. I was along for the ride for about 15 of those years and I feel the band is one of the main soundtracks of my twenties. Every deep cut they played would trigger a memory from years ago when first discovering that track. When they played that final note, it didn't just signify the end of that song, but the end of an era – for them and for me. I wasn't a kid anymore. Then I just laughed at how existential I was getting at a dang Dillinger show. It was very emotional. The band came out for one final song, “Dissociation” with some help from Seven Suns on strings. It was like a eulogy or an epilogue to an incredible career. After they finished, fans demanded more, but the house lights were on and security was encouraging people to leave. All across the pit, I saw strangers hugging – embracing each other and taking in the moment that was… the end of the Dillinger Escape Plan. We'll miss you guys and look forward to what new music you bring us.

Here is some footage from the show. The top two videos, their final performances of arguably their two most epic songs, "Sunshine The Werewolf" and "43% Burnt" were captured by me. The rest was footage found off Youtube.

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Here's the set list:

“Proceed With Caution”
“Limerent Death”
“Panasonic Youth”
“Milk Lizard”
“Baby’s First Coffin”
“Dead As History”
“Happiness Is A Smile”
“One Of Us Is The Killer”
“Nothing To Forget”
“Low Feels Blvd”
“Mouth Of Ghosts”
“Sandbox Magician” (with Dimitri Minakakis)
“When I Lost My Bet”
“Sunshine The Werewolf”

“Farewell, Mona Lisa”
“43% Burnt”
“Dissociation” (with Seven Suns & original The Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Adam Doll)

Check out this alt-angle of Greg almost killing himself:

Also, here is their full concert from yesterday:

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See videos of their performance with Mike Patton here.

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