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BRING ME THE HORIZON Frontman Trashes COLDPLAY's Table At NME Awards

Posted by on February 18, 2016 at 10:12 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Last year, Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes took to the interwebs to address his displeasure with Coldplay for "jackin' their steez," implying Coldplay's album cover of a bunch of intersecting circles was a knock-off of BMTH's intersecting circles, as if Sykes invented circles.

coldplay bring me the horizon

Anyway, I guess this is one of those feuds that only one side know about, because Coldplay are too busy rehearsing boring-ass Super Bowl performances to pay attention to Bring Me The Horizon.

Well, both acts were at the NME awards last night, and Bring Me The Horizon were performing. Sykes thought this would be the perfect time to head over to Coldplay's table and completely trash it. Here's the video:

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The funniest part of this whole thing is how little Coldplay care this is happening. Like what do they care? Maybe they lose their drink. They're probably like "who's this schmuck? He thinks we what? Okay, whatever."

On the plus side, at least Oli Sykes finally got Coldplay to notice him.

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  • Dirk Grimmsdottir

    Yep. To a certain extent. Or at least good bands/musicians anyway. You know, those darned classy Queen and David Bowie, having class and respect for an art. How dare they!