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Posted by on January 20, 2016 at 9:28 am

Norther split up in 2012 and its members went on to some pretty great groups, either because they were in them initially or they joined post-Norther. Bassist and vocalist Jukka Koskinen is in Wintersun, drummer Heikki Saari is having a ball in Finntroll, and now guitarist Daniel Freyberg has permanently joined Children of Bodom! Here's the brief, statement-less (from the band or Freyberg) announcement the group made via Facebook.

The band is happy to announce the addition of Daniel Freyberg to Children Of Bodom on guitars. Look for him on all upcoming tours!

Freyberg is filling the vacancy left by long-time guitarist Roope Latvala back in May 2015. Credit also to Warmen's Antti Wirman filling in with the band live while the search was on for another axeman!

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