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EMMURE Is Preparing For Shows With An Entirely New Lineup

Posted by on April 13, 2016 at 1:38 pm

The past year for Emmure has been insane, to say the very least. Specifically, vocalist Frankie Palmeri received the wonderful Christmas present of having the entire band quit on him. One day later, the band's bassist explained why everyone up and left, and another day after that Palmeri said that Emmure already had a new lineup and a new record was on the way.

Three months later, Palmeri apologized publicly for being a "moronic douche" over the years as well, which was pretty cool (and ballsy). Now we're in April 2016 and, while we're not sure exactly of the new lineup just yet, we know there's definitely a lineup and that the band is readying some shows… maybe you'll get to hear some new material?

Day 1 : Rehearsal

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[via The PRP]

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