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Tom Araya Thinks SLAYER Fans That Get Logo/Signature Tattoos Are "Kind of Psycho"

Posted by on December 3, 2014 at 11:22 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Slayer are busy carving out (see what I did there) a new album, and have developed a working relationship with Scion. After all, the two monster brands teamed up for a pretty pimped-out Slayer mobile. Slayer will also be releasing a free track through Scion shortly. The relationship continued as Tom Araya visited Scion's All Purpose Talk Show hosted by rap legend Prince Paul. During the show, Paul asked Araya what some of the craziest things Slayer fans have done and Tom responded with this:

"People do a lot of crazy things. That to me, the mentality of…I don't want to sound bad but, for somebody to come in [with a Slayer tattoo] and you know, we sign their arm, and then they'll come back with [the signatures] tattooed… that's just crazy. Not that I'm talking bad on anybody but that's just kind of (cringes)…psycho. (laughs) I mean, I don't even have any Slayer tattoos."

I don't know, Tom. I'd say the dudes carving your logo into them (NSFL link) are much more "psycho" than a fan who just wants your autograph tattoo'd but that's just me. And really, there have been some amazing Slayer tattoos out there, including the best ever…a Slayer tramp stamp.

Here's the full interview:

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