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THE SWORD Does Not Want You Moshing At Their Shows

Posted by on November 28, 2012 at 1:28 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Moshing… it can be fun, but lately I personally find it to be more of nuisance. I want to see the band, so I try to get up close, but I can't stand too close to the center, because a pit will break out. And, the last thing I want is to be punched in the face. I want to actually enjoy the band.

Looks like vocalist J.D. Cronise of The Sword agrees with me.

Speaking to Decibel Magazine, J.D. revealed that the band actually wrote their new material with moshing in mind, in that the songs were specifically devoid of any "mosh" parts:

It has occurred to me multiple times over the years that we’ve been playing live that when I hear ‘Battery’ by Metallica, my instinct is not to put my head down, run in a circle and shove people around me. That to me seems bizarre and kind of silly. When other people hear songs like that, that is what their instinct is to do. To me, that takes away from a musical performance when there’s accomplished, talented musicians onstage performing songs for you; to engage in this totally unrelated physical activity to me is disrespectful, in a way, to the rest of the audience that doesn’t want to do that, and to the band on stage that are trying to perform for you. We kind of wanted to dial back the thrashiness a little bit in the hopes that people would sit still (laughs) to a degree. Still rock out and bang their heads and enjoy the show, but not take it to such an extreme, adrenalized level where they kind of act like lunatics.

That's a pretty serious commitment to lack of moshing. The Sword prefer headbanging, massive headbanging and I tend to agree. You can read JD's elaboration over at Decibel.

How do you feel about moshing? Is it so 2004? Or is moshing here to stay forever?

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  • imadethisaccountjusttocomment

    Yea, no. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I practice hours a day. I understand the complexities of metal music. Mosh pits have nothing to do with angst. There is nothing but smiles and friendliness in the pits. If someone falls, there's 3 people immediately helping them back up while 2 others block anyone else from hitting them. The pit makes up a small portion of every crowd. If you don't like it them move the fuck away. There's nothing macho or immature about it. It's about high energy expression during high energy music. As for it not being respectful to the bands, I've never heard a band say, wow you guys aren't moving, I fucking love it. No, every show I've seen, the frontman thanks and feeds off the pit while encouraging people in the back and sides to get moving. People who bitch about the pit should just move away. I don't know what kind of low T you're working with but you can stand in the back with your arms crossed. Leave the fun to people with some life and stamina.