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SLAYER's Kerry King Says METALLICA & IRON MAIDEN "Are Living On Past Success"

Posted by on March 2, 2016 at 2:46 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Kerry King does not give a fuck. He doesn't care what bridges he burns, what people he offends, he speaks his mind. Last year, he, almost single-handedly, buried Mayhem Fest and its promoters after the promoter called metal "old, gray and fat," and today he sets his sights on burying some of his peers… namely Metallica and Iron Maiden.

In a new interview with RVA Mag, King was asked about the big problem in metal, and rock in general, today… the focus on nostalgia and history, and while King concedes that Slayer is living on their history, he makes sure to point out others are relying on their back catalogue much more…

"We're living on our history for sure," he admitted, "but so is everyone else, yet we're the ones trying to push ourselves forward. I would say [Iron] Maiden and Metallica, no offense, are living on past success. Metallica has toured forever on The Black Record which a lot of people don't like. I actually like it. It's heavy as can be. Is it Master Of Puppets? Course not, but it's a great record. Iron Maiden for me is living off their first three records. Have they made good songs since then? Yeah, but they haven't made great records. I like to think we're still making great records and as much as people come out wanting to hear 'Reign In Blood' and 'Angel Of Death', they also want to hear 'Disciple' or even 'Implode.'"

I think Kerry is giving his band a little too much credit. I can't imagine somebody going to a Slayer show and thinking "man I really hope they pull out 'Implode.'" I'm sure they are more curious about the content from Slayer's early few albums.  Additionally, I'm positive there are Maiden fans out there who are hardcores, who keep up with the discography and love new material played live (as they are selling out arenas of 20,000 compared to Slayer's 5,000 seaters, meanwhile Metallica play stadiums almost exclusively now.)

Slayer's 2015 release Repentless sold 49,000 copies its first week, which was an improvement over their previous release, World Painted Bloodat 41,000 copies first week, but down for the 62,000 copies that Christ Illusion sold in its first week in 2006. King says he's not bothered by the lack of sales:

"It's true, but it's just a sign of the times because people get their music differently. It's not all about [Nielsen] SoundScan anymore. That's the last thing I remember because you remember what you had growing up. There's different technologies and different ways of doing a number of things, but when I grew up, I knew SoundScan and we are way off of SoundScan now. That's because people get music for free. One person downloads it and shares it with five people. It's not the same as it used to be. I can't be bitter about it because that's just how time has changed."

Asked what he uses as a barometer for Slayer's success, he responds:

"My barometer is the live show where people show up," King detailed. "That means people are into the music, whether the record is selling or not. They have it, they know it, and we can play it and have them sing it right back to us. That's pretty much how it shows me people are still into, regardless of sales."

Luckily, I'm sure we have a few Slayer fans here. When you go to see Slayer, what do you want to see?

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  • Ariel Escurra

    Slayer cannot be compared to Maiden or Metallica, but they can be compared to I dont know, Testament ?, Anthrax ? sure, Korn ? of course… I like all of them… but, get down to earth Kerry !

  • Ariel Escurra

    Sorry, Divine it's still my favourite album, along with Season, Dave's ok but Bosthap was greater in my opinion.
    Definetely Slayer isnt Slayer without Jeff Haneman

  • Dredd

    I see a lot of comments taking about how "people steal music now by uploading it for millions of people to download". That's not actually true today, at least not like a few years ago. Today you have millions of internet radio stations and stuff like pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. People don't have to buy an album anymore to hear their favorite bands. They don't just download the cd from Pirate Bay anymore, they stream it at their convenience. The way we get music has changed significantly and it is not just a bunch of people stealing it like the comments suggest. Album sales suffer because we aren't buying albums anymore since we don't have to.

  • joe shcmo

    excuse me, wtf did KFK say that makes you jump down is throat? just read the parts in quotations, he says, "no offense," and "we're living off past success, sure, but so are iron maiden and metallica," meaning that they also play their older songs and their older stuff is also best. what's wrong with what he's saying? he actually even admits to liking the black album which is widely considered sellout material. you guys are so harsh on him for absolutely no reason. it's like you're all just retarded parrots of each other. there's nothing wrong with KFK. don't talk. you're dumb.