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SLAYER's Dave Lombardo Doesn't Like People Talking Shit About METALLICA's Lars Ulrich; Forgets He Talked Shit About Lars

Posted by on June 5, 2012 at 12:24 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Slayer's Dave Lombardo is out doing a ton of press for his side project Philm, and naturally talk of Slayer and the Big 4 always comes out. Here's a recent question he was asked by Greece's Metal Path:

So how has been touring with "Big Four" [Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax] so far? Is there any special story you'd like to share with the fans?

I've just been having a really nice time with [Metallica members] Lars [Ulrich] and James [Hetfield] and [Robert] Trujillo and Kirk [Hammett]. They visit us in our dressing room, I go visit them. It's a very, very nice friendship and relationship. Me and Lars, we get along great. And I don't like people talking shit about Lars. So they have to stop. There are a lot of fans out there, they like to say a lot of bad things about him and he's a really good friend of mine and I don't like it.

Oh, Lars is your friend and you don't like people talking crap on him, 2012 Dave Lombardo? Well, maybe you should have a word with 2009 Dave Lombardo. You see, in 2004, Ulrich was sidelined and unable to perform with Metallica during their last appearance at Download Festival, so Lombardo was one of a few drummers to step in and absolutely crush the drums. Here he is performing Battery:

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Then, when somebody asked him about the performance a few years later, he said this:

"Yeah. Show 'em how it's done! No disrespect to Lars, because Lars is great and he's a very nice guy, but he needs to spend a week at my house and we need to sit down and play. I could show him — 'No, Lars, like this!'… 'Let's chill, let's relax, have some coffee and let's play!' Hahahahaha!"

Sir, that sounds like shit talking to me! But seriously, Lars should take you up on that offer!

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