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OZZY OSBOURNE Denies Marriage Problems Are A Publicity Stunt

Posted by on June 8, 2016 at 1:54 pm

By now, you've likely heard that Ozzy Osbourne's marriage to his wife of 33 years is on the rocks after he allegedly cheated on her with a hair stylist. Sharon found out about it after hiring a private investigator to see what Ozzy was spending money on, and tracked down emails Ozzy sent to the stylist. According to a new "report" from Page Six, the family is hoping to reconcile with Ozzy cutting off all contact with the mistress and a source quoted as saying "His family really is very important to him and he's come to his senses. Sharon is Ozzy's whole life; he can't manage without her."

Well, that didn't stop the Daily Mail and Radar Online to publish an interview with Steven Machat, who claims to be a former manager of Black Sabbath, who claims this is all a publicity stunt to get Ozzy in the press, saying "He's not all there. I would doubt that he had an affair," and that Sharon would never leave him because of all the money and that she takes too good care of him to ever have an affair. The comments got Ozzy so mad, he issued a public statement:

To Radar Online and Daily Mail,
In response to recent stories you printed with comments from Steven Machat…for the record, Mr. Machat NEVER managed me nor was he employed by me in any capacity at any time in my career. His representation of this is a categorical lie. I met him when he was hanging around the music industry in the early 80’s, but haven’t seen him in at least 30 years. He’s a sad delusional relic from the 80’s.

So, if he is saying Machat is not credible, that would mean that there are problems in the marriage.

It makes sense, why would Kelly Osbourne tweet out the phone number of Ozzy's alleged mistress and claim elder abuse otherwise?

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