MIKE PORTNOY Bummed That Fan Showed Up To Signing Wearing A Newer DREAM THEATER Shirt

You know how it's a faux pas to wear a band's shirt to see them live? It seems like it's an even bigger faux pas to wear a Dream Theater shirt that was printed in the last four years to a Mike Portnoy signing.

Portnoy is of course the former drummer for DT, and left with a bit of drama behind it. So, when a fan showed up to a signing this weekend wearing a Dream Theater shirt with the artwork for Dramatic Turn Of Events on it, Portnoy was none too pleased.

Rather than letting it go, he decided to hop onto social media and rant:

"Somebody came to my signing today wearing a 'Dramatic Turn Of Events' shirt….REALLY??? Couldn't find a DT shirt from 1985-2010? Please try to use some sensibility/sensitivity when choosing a shirt for an MP event."

According to Blabbermouth, he then tweeted (and quickly deleted) this statement:

"Sad I can't post anything on my own FB & Twitter without getting everyone jumping down my throat. Seems everyone's allowed an opinion but me."

This statement confuses me. Twitter and Facebook are public forums. When you post on these sites, EVERYBODY sees it. If you don't want people "jumping down your throat" then either lock your profiles so only your friends can see them, or don't post anything. You are allowed to have an opinion, nobody is stopping you from having this opinion. But, when you share your opinion, people will have an opinion on your opinion.

Portnoy clearly took a bit to calm down and posted a more clarified statement shortly after:

"Once again everyone's got their panties in a bundle and have taken a post of mine and turned it into sensationalized 'news'….ugh!

"Look…it's as simple as this: do what you want, say what you want, listen to what you want, wear whatever shirt you want…It's a free world!! All I'm saying is remember there are human beings on the other side of your words and actions!

"I'm into peace, love and understanding… Live and let live…

"Sometimes we all get emotional, I am totally guilty of that, no question!! I am a passionate person… But I have no ill intent towards anybody and have no anger or resentments, so please don't attack me as if I do…

"Can't we all get along??? Haha…

"Lighten up, live and love! : )"

At least Portnoy lightened up at the end of it. I ultimately understand what he's getting at, but really what's the big deal overall? The person paid to meet you and say hello to you. Who cares what shirt he's wearing?

Update: The alleged fan in question posted the following shortly after our story was published:

Mike was talking about me cause I wore that shirt to the signing. It wasn/t to spark controversy, I'm simply a music fan, no matter who or who isn't in the band. But it struck a nerve with him and now it's in the media. Ugh, so much for being a diehard fan and being loyal.

He also shared this photo from the signing. Mike is hiding his anger well:

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