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James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich Had A Blowout Fight During the Recording of the New METALLICA Album

Posted by on November 23, 2016 at 1:22 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Metallica's new album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct has gotten rave reviews, but it seems like it wasn't an easy process to get the thing done.

The album was primarily written by frontman James Hetfield, and drummer Lars Ulrich, who have been the primary songwriters for most of the band's most classic tracks (sometimes to the dismay of guitarist Kirk Hammett). But it turns out these best friends can sometimes get into arguments about the content of the music.

Speaking to Metal Hammer, James Hetfield revealed that at one point, he and Lars didn't speak for a week during the recording sessions because Lars tried to play "riff police," for criticizing a riff Hetfield wrote, causing the two not to speak for a week, and Hetfield not to return to the studio for those seven days.

“We were in the studio and it was like, ‘Hey, I’m the guitar player, I like this guitar part, I wanna play it.’ He’d be like, ‘This part is better,’ and I was like, ‘Since when are you the Riff Police?’ So at that point it was, ‘Okay, I’m done for now, I have to leave.’ But a week later we were talking again.” Hetfield said.

The story harkens back to their Some Kind of Monster days, but clearly, like family does, they fight and then forget about it and move on. And the results were great.

Speaking of  Some Kind of Monster, if you haven't listened to our running commentary of the controversial documentary, this weekend is the perfect time to do so.

Also, we recently named Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All the best debut in heavy metal history. Here's why:

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  • LaLeyenda2012

    Sorry Jamz. Your riffs in Hardwired album sucks fucking balls man. You should have taken influences from 1988 or earlier, instead of Lulu or Load albums. And Lars… just stop drumming like you were in Nirvana. You are in a metal band, for god's sake!

    • Gabriel

      I wish Lars would give up. I watch him play even the easiest stuff and fails at it. They could be a much better band with a better drummer

    • Haris Segetalo

      Yeah…Putout the same shit over and over again…Thats not boring at all…

      • Louis

        Better than putting out shit over and over.

  • DecapAttack

    This album has some of the best Metallica riffage in a while. I really hope Lars didn't win that battle and block a potentially awesome Hetfield riff. I heard Lars was also responsible for Kirk playing all his solos "off the cuff" the last couple albums, terrible idea. They really need to reel this dude in, he should put more energy into becoming a decent drummer instead of controlling the performances of his bandmates.

    • alejandro

      What do you mean by "off the cuff"?

      • DecapAttack

        He didn't write any of his solos, he just improvised them all on the spot.

  • Neal Bailey

    Who exactly is giving this shit-fest rave reviews? I thought I read last week that pirates didn't even want to steal the album because it was so bad (reference: http://thehardtimes.net/2016/11/18/face-napster-metallica-releases-album-nobody-wants-steal/)

    • Brandon Michael

      I pirated it, and bought it a few days later. I like it….Spit out the bone fucking kills. Does have some filler sure.

  • tom

    lars is as always has been a friggin douche bag

    • LGRW

      You like watch your fuckenn mouth huh!?

      • tom

        Suck me

        • LGRW

          UMMM LIKE shut your fuckenn mouth HUH

          • Felchmeister777

            Given the utterly retarded 'English' coming out of it, perhaps you should also close yours.

            Millennial idiot. You write like a four year old…

          • LGRW

            Lmao, completely over your head, huh. We see who's really retarded here.

          • Felchmeister777

            Over my head? I've not heard two of those abbreviations before, that doesn't mean it's 'over my head'. You tit…

            If you explained them and THEN I didn't understand, that could be considered 'over my head'.

            You seem stupid enough to qualify as a racist.

            Ironic that the term 'over my head' seems to have gone over your head…

            Does that confuse you…aww.

          • LGRW

            Lmao completely over your head. Why you mad?

          • Felchmeister777

            What a surprise, you missed my point.

            I'm not mad, I'm just sick of idiotic millenials like you. Shit spelling, shit attitude & dumb as fuck. Simple as that really…

          • LGRW

            Nah, it's blatantly obvious that you're raging mad. Deal with it.

          • Banger

            Cancerous waste of carbon and oxygen.

            Say something a bit more original then the recycled phrases that ooze from your hollow brain

          • LGRW

            You fuckeennn mad or what ummmm?????

          • I Cubb Em

            Banger isn't actually Felch pretending to be someone else. What a tool you are.

          • Felchmeister777

            Haha…ok…if that makes you feel better.

          • Wes

            He was pretending to be Lars. None of you got it…

          • Felchmeister777

            Is Lars an illiterate twat who 'speaks' like a 12 year old girl..(?)

            I didn't realise…

          • This clown^^^

            Realize with a Z idiot

          • Felchmeister777

            I'm English. It's legitimate. Look it up.

            So stick that up your arzehole, dipshit…

          • LGRW

            It's called exaggeration. You're an idiot. Be quiet.

          • Felchmeister777

            Clit off you fucking moron. Let it go…

          • LGRW

            EXACTLY. lol. Thank you!

          • Keep Honkin, I'm Reloading

            Easy there Lars…

      • tom

        Learn how to talk asshole

  • Gorgalrl

    More than a decade after Some Kind of Monster, and Lars is still a massive manchild. Some people don't really grow up.

    • Suicide_Note

      It's, like, rock n' roll, man!

    • Gabor Kiss

      Yeah, true. :) Better not to know how bands work/behave inside :)
      Instead of playing 2/4 for 77 minutes, Lars could do something with the drum kit to get his share of songwriting :)

  • james heidfeld

    Phew, at least they didn't need to bring back Phil Towle.

  • Big Norris

    Jaymz should just knock out Lars at least once, that should sort shit out

    • Pat D.

      Didnt he pick up Lars and toss him into his drums back when they first got together? That would be epic today.

  • The push pull between them is what makes them great

  • jakke811

    So, I understand that Lars and James wrote the album.
    Anybody knows how they do it?….Can Lars play guitar too or can he write new riffs?, or is he give instructions if James has a new riff and talk together what they can change to make it better?

  • Kochiha

    Blah blah blah, more like NON-drama. This kind of shit is perfectly normal for everybody: you get in an argument, you get heated, so you go take some time off, maybe drive down the freeway really really fast, and then a week later, you're back at it and you're able to approach stuff from a different direction, like when you realize you were too sensitive about how your riff sounded and he realizes he was too dickish for being the Riff Police. And then you come back and hammer it out, make something that sounds really freaking cool. This is hardly drama, this is how writing and recording works when you don't have a bunch of record suits telling you exactly what to do every step of the way and then autotuning it or adding a bunch of out-of-place overdubbed backing tracks.

  • ThePostamnsRifle

    Everyone gets a banana sticker!

  • Turk

    I think the new album is good, but it is way too riffy…. A good producer could have made this a classic album, instead of 5 minute intros with boring riffs in some spots, and mediocre lyrics/song solos… . Just my 2 cents…. I like Moth into Flame, Here comes revenge, Now that we`re dead a whole lot.

  • David Webb

    I'm just glad Lars decided to or at least someone got him to knock it off with that god awful snare sound and they now sound better.

  • Michael Cavallaro

    Maybe Lars should concentrate on playing drums. I understand you are old but 2/4 for the majority of the record is a bit lame.

  • Duhickey

    If Lars didn't put his 2 cents in, you would be listening to another Saint Anger record. NEED I SAY MORE???!!!!

  • Jack Tors

    Fuck I am so tired of this fucking washed up band and articles every other minute about them.

  • DamZe

    To this day, I am shocked at how much creative influence Lars has over the writing process
    in Metallica, especially since he is such a subpar drummer and a diva of epic proportions. He most likely has some financial/management trump card to bargain with, perhaps in their contract they can’t kick him out since he is the founding member etc.

    He is absolutely the weakest link the chain as far as technicality is concerned and seeing him act like a complete dick sticking his nose where is often doesn’t belong it must be tough to even come up with a quality tune without having this asshole try to control it one way or the other.