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ATTILA Show Ends Early As Band Gets In A Brawl With Security

Posted by on February 17, 2017 at 11:51 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Fans in the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI hoping to see a full Attila set left disappointed last night. The show ended abruptly after the band got into a tussle with the venue's security guards.

Rock Feed reports guitarist Chris Linck spotted a guard mistreating a fan and jumped into the crowd to say something. One thing led to another and this happened:

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak took to Twitter to explain the situation:

If security was indeed being rough, as Attila claim, I have to hand it to Attila in this case for standing up for their fans.

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  • Konstantin Ryzhov

    What a stupidity…

  • FranticFrank

    It's amazing how some bands act to sell an image. I mean you don't hear of Opeth doing that, or Gojira. Ive never been to a Lamb of God show only to see Randy fighting with people who are trying to maintain order. No its bands like this, or Emmure, or Limp Bizkit where this kinda stuff happens. These kids need to take a few lessons from there inspirations.

  • joshua white

    I work as a security guard In new Orleans house of blues. Most of time this shit happens when a band member is drunk or just being an ass. I don't think I believe this story. Plus atilla are shitty people and band but im old school so yeah. Plus these kids are way to violent I think. Moshing is one thing but round house kicking start fights . I think kids should just mosh.

    • Berk Ilgar

      man watch the other video, he clearly pulled a auidiance out of the mosh and started to punch the shit out of him, i dont like attila's music but respect, I have seen dozens of offensive guarding but that is well out of borders

  • Olmtrynet

    shit band should change their name to Precious Snowflakes

  • Ungodly Disfigurement

    "Hi, we're Attila, and we can't finish a goddamn set without punching someone. #Edgy."