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DOWN's Pepper Keenan Forgives Phil Anselmo

Posted by on February 4, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Every time I think this Phil Anselmo thing might die down a bit, there's another twist! Today, Phil offered a new apology letter and in it, he mentioned that he suggested he step away from Down so the band didn't have to deal with the blowback from his actions at Dimebash. Down had even been pulled from a festival lineup recently due to what's been going on.

While we can't speak for everyone in Down, guitarist and vocalist Pepper Keenan (also of Corrosion of Conformity) has come out on Facebook to publicly acknowledge and accept Anselmo's apology.

Any one who knows me is aware that I am not one to dabble much in social media, however due to what transpired last week at Dimebash I feel the need to respond and reach out to friends, family, music peers and fans worldwide.

I am saddened and confused by the behavior of Philip Anselmo last week. I do not condone what was gestured and said. This lapse in judgment of “making a joke” was in terribly poor taste and unacceptable.

That philosophy is the opposite of what I am about. My heart follows love and soul and my music has been inspired from people of all walks of life and musical styles. I view music as a gift that is universal and intended for all of humanity. As a proud New Orleanian, life is about celebrating diversity through music, it’s about bringing people together, not tearing apart.

I won’t speak for Phil but I’ve known him most of my life and I know there is not hate in his heart, however I hope at this moment in time Phil will focus his energy on self-reflection and begin the process of regaining perspective, healing himself and those lives he has touched through music

Through Down, Philip and I have written many beautiful and powerful songs in the past that have touched and inspired people from all walks of life positively and have helped pull many out of their own darkest hours. This is not something I take for granted and should always be at the forefront of one’s conscience to keep you grounded, humbled and grateful.

One of the responsibilities and joys, in my opinion, of being an artist or musician is having the ability to help make the world a better place.

I accept Phil’s apology, and I believe he can.

I’ll be there…if needed.

Love and Respect,

Pepper Keenan

Keenan always seemed like a good guy, and this only makes me think that further. While there's no word on exactly what's up with Down just yet, this bodes well.

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  • t bone

    only in America will you be torn apart for yelling white power, but you can protest god, you can protest whites,you can shout black power, but since our media is 99% jewish owned if you disregard isreal in the u.s or anything nazi related you get condemned. I dont support any hate but look around and see how fucked out system is. Hundreds of thousands of blacks protesting for black lives matter, destroying there own towns. But phils the bad guy for being an idiot? Fuck this world.

  • t bone

    Lastly phils has helped sooooo many people around the world, what the fuck have black lives matter helped? Yes it created thr biggest racial divide since the civil rights movement. PROGRESS WILL NOT BE MADE IF IT'S AN UNFAIR BACKWARDS SYSTEM. fuck the mainstream media.